You can trade PFID through DODO and Pancakeswap, It Presenting a Great Commercial Value

From the initial DeFi project based on SERO, the world’s first privacy protection public chain that supports Turing’s complete smart contract, to the completion of the cross-chain of Ethereum and BSC, POFID has enriched the ecology of the public chain based on its own value. Recently, the governance token PFID of POFID DAO can be traded through the decentralized exchanges DODO and Pancakeswap. As a trusted decentralized financial asset management platform that can provide privacy protection, PFID has risen from 5 USD listed last year to 36 USDT today because of the uniqueness of POFID. Its value has great potential from a long-term perspective.

What is DODO?

DODO is a decentralized trading platform and a new generation of on-chain liquidity solutions based on the original active market maker algorithm (PMM). DODO supports the market-making strategy of professional market makers on the chain, allowing custom asset ratios, curve slopes, order depths, etc. Anyone is allowed to build pools through crowdfunding and has the ability to issue new assets at low cost. The full name of PMM is Proactive Market Maker, that is, active market maker. It is a new generation of on-chain liquidity solution proposed and implemented by the DODO team for the first time. PMM is a universal on-chain liquidity framework, which can guide prices by introducing price factors to provide a better trading experience.

DODO’s series of innovative views quickly attracted the attention of the market. In its seed round of financing, it was led by Framework Ventures, which focuses on investment in the DeFi field, and it was also its first domestic DeFi project to invest in. In the private placement round of financing, both Binance and Coinbase were invested.

What is PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that runs on Binance Smart Chain. At the same time, PancakeSwap is also an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows two tokens to be exchanged on the Binance Smart Chain. As the leading project on the Binance Smart Chain, its ultra-high yield is in the leading position among DApps.

What is PFID?

PFID is the governance token of POFID DAO. It is not only a proof of income, but also a necessary condition for governance authority, and it is also the default global universal asset of the platform. It can be said that the holders of PFID control the operation of the entire POFID DAO system. The system contains distributed governance institutions or individuals such as the underlying technology governor, DMW governor, risk control governor, and liquidation governance committee. PFID holders can enjoy the following ecological rights through staking behavior: PFID mining income, participate in platform governance decisions, and obtain dividend income (such as loan fee income) in the entire POFID system.

Cross-chain deployment

The isolation of the current blockchain network runs counter to the principle of decentralization, and cross-chain is undoubtedly a necessity. With the blessing of cross-chain solutions at all levels, various assets between public chains can be seamlessly converted, and encrypted digital currency can meet actual needs.

POFID is a platform dedicated to decentralized asset protection, realizing the practical value of DeFi through privacy protection and cross-chain. At present, POFID has completed the cross-chain deployment based on BSC and ETH and can be traded through decentralized exchanges such as DODO and Pancakeswap. While successfully filling the current privacy protection gap in the DeFi field, it is also relevant to the head public chain and Dapp.

How to trade PFID on DODO?

After entering the DODO official website, switch the linked blockchain network to BSC and link to your own blockchain wallet. After the wallet is authorized, return to the initial page to select the transaction pair, select the BNB/BPFID transaction pair, note: BPFID needs to fill in the address 0x1780ce9ba71e115bb36781a22b858b54fc0d93ce in the search box.

POFID has high commercial value

With POFID DAO’s existing reachable and ongoing application expansion, POFID DAO can capture revenue sources in at least the following three huge areas: corporate finance (such as supply chain finance for cross-border trade), chain e-commerce Trusted payment solutions and asset management on the chain (including combined depository of digital assets, ETF of encrypted currencies, clearing and settlement of derivatives on DEX, and hierarchical equity management of digital securitization).

Just take cross-border trade as an example. An importer needs to pay cash to buy goods abroad, and it will experience time delays such as logistics, customs clearance, downstream customers’ pressure on accounts, and foreign exchange purchases at the SAFE. On the blockchain, if all trade information can be made transparent across borders, then financial institutions that allow digital currency businesses outside the country can use stablecoins to finance traders on the blockchain, that is, advance purchases for them Need cash. Imagine that the volume of cross-border trade can reach the level of hundreds of billions of dollars, and the market value of the entire digital currency market is unattainable. It can be seen that the future value of PFID has a lot of room for imagination.

POFID DAO is a technology and governance framework based on Blockchain technology for the issuance and management of stable cryptographic and stable currencies.