With a vibrant capital market, the PFID value is rocketing up

After two weeks, Bitcoin value finally reached the top. With Bitcoin as the representative, the crypto currency market has begun to rebound, and the value of other tokens has also continued to soar after experiencing ups and downs, attracting a lot of attention. Among them, POFID DAO, the world’s first anonymous DeFi project, and its token PFID performed extremely well.

Stablecoins become the star of the market

With the bull market and DeFi boom, many users seeking stability have begun to pay attention to stablecoins. In fact, as early as last year, users began to have a substantial increase in demand for derivatives, hedging and cross-border circulation, which stimulated the stable currency market. Last year, Novac and CoralSwap went online, directly driving the market to generate a large amount of demand for SUSD and PFID. SUSD is generated through the POFID platform, which is a stable coin minted by pledged coins on the POFID DAO platform, and PFID is the token of the POFID platform. As a stable currency with a relatively safe price, SUSD is extremely popular, which directly stimulates the growth of the POFID DAO platform and the healthy development of the market value of PFID.

According to the data, most of the SUSD circulated to the on-chain e-commerce platform, used as a stable currency for trusted payment solutions and on-chain asset management, greatly simplifying the complex transaction process and currency conversion in the middle process, making settlement simple and convenient. In the future, as the cross-chain is further developed, more digital assets will be available on the two platforms.

In addition, at the end of last year, the POFID DAO contract layer and NOVAC wallet were officially upgraded to V2. This new version supports diversified asset staking. This upgrade mainly implements what is planned in the white paper and can support diversified assets as the pledge endorsement of synthetic assets (including various stable coins). Before the cross-chain function is officially launched, the upgrade of the POFID DAO contract layer and the NOVAC wallet can make the most adequate preparations for the further integration of more external assets. After the cross-chain is completed, POFID DAO will realize the ability to issue the same stable currency asset by staking BTC and ETH.

All in all, as a decentralized privacy stablecoin production tool, POFID DAO has great development potential in the future.

The market environment stimulates future investment opportunities

Experts said that in 2021, all major economies in the world will still receive strong support from central banks and governments throughout the year, and it is difficult to achieve large-scale inflation throughout the year. The economic improvement, loose monetary environment and government stimulus will drive the capital market to a climax and become the fundamentals of the virtual currency surge. In this year’s general environment, the market’s demand for anonymous stablecoins has soared, attracting more users to join the POFID DAO ecosystem and participate in mortgage lending.

While protecting account asset privacy, transaction privacy, and smart contract input and output privacy, POFID DAO is actively developing 2B application expansion for the real economy. At present, most DeFi projects have no commercial implementation, yet POFID DAO embeds third-party business scenarios into the DeFi platform, which has strong value support. Based on this, POFID DAO will continue to push the market value of PFID to its peak.

As of now, the price of PFID is 23.1479 USD, an increase of 50% within a week.

POFID DAO is a technology and governance framework based on Blockchain technology for the issuance and management of stable cryptographic and stable currencies.