“POFID DAO Air Class” in North America community transcription

Good evening and I’m glad to meet everyone here today. Share today’s hottest blockchain industry, the most siphon-effective de-centralized finance, and the hottest blockchain project, Pofid DAO. It’s an honor to share the knowledge, broaden the views, and share the benefits, and I’m the presenter tonight, Eric, The Pofid DAO Project Leader.

First of all, let’s talk about blockchain. When it comes to blockchain, no one knows, no one knows. What is blockchain? Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin, which hit an all-time high on January 1st, with a single currency worth $1,888 a coin, and in the course of Bitcoin’s development, hundreds of millions of people, myths of wealth, and financial freedom, these headlines have appeared in the media countless times. In fact, blockchain is a term in the field of information technology. Essentially, it is a shared database in which data or information is stored, characterized by “non-counterfeitable”, “full trace”, “traceability”, “transparency” and “collective maintenance”. Based on these characteristics, blockchain technology has laid a solid foundation of “trust” and created a reliable “cooperation” mechanism, which has broad prospects for application. The blockchain market now has a market capitalization of $582.2 billion.

What is blockchain?

This year due to the impact of the epidemic, the traditional industry is struggling, on the other hand, the development of online business, we all feel the online business for life changes. Blockchain World has also generated new explosive growth this year, with the biggest hot spot being centred financial Defi. Defi is a blockchain and smart contract verification that allows anyone to use digital asset participation agreements to complete loans and transactions, reducing costs, efficiency, and risk in relatively centralized finance. This is the most important thing about Defi. Combined with public and private key systems and smart contracts, full control of personal assets is achieved, and external risks are eliminated. Even more exciting is the fact that with the introduction of a clear economic system, Defi will develop a more diversified business model than traditional finance, creating more room for innovation in financial markets. As of last week, the total number of positions locked up in the Defi market had reached $17 billion to $18 billion.

Maybe you don’t have a sense of the $18 billion right now! You don’t know what they did? How many kinds of investments are there? The first thing I want to tell you is that smart contracts are highly determinative, tamper-proof, and reliable digital protocols. Every smart contract represents an ecology, and there is a consensus. The market value of each smart contract is not the same, but it reflects the underlying technical capabilities of the project architecture and the ability of the project to impact the market. Typically a project will have only one or two smart contracts. Our Pofid has now run nine smart contracts, including mortgage lending, cross-border payments, port freight, chain malls and so on, which show that our Pofid has many advantages in terms of technical ability, reserve capacity and institutional capability, and I will slowly introduce them to you in the air class in the future.

It’s important to think about how everything can be associated with our real world?

In addition to the concept of smart contracts, there are businesses in the Defi market in a variety of areas, including mortgage lending, stable coins, aggregators, insurance, NTF (non-homogenized tokens), predictors, derivatives and trading, among others, including MAKER, WBTC, Uniswap, Compound, Sushiwaswap, Pofid, and more. The market capitalization list, or the highest market share of mortgage lending platforms such as Pofdi, Maker, Compound, why is the mortgage lending business at the peak of the centered finance? What about being a hot favourite? Let me help you remember what I said just now. What have you heard of? Such as Bitcoin, an open and transparent mechanism. What did you hear for the first time? For example: Defi, smart contracts, Pofdi? It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if it’s clear now. It’s important to think about how everything can be associated with our real world???

How do you corred? Because of Defi’s de-centric nature, the real world and the blockchain world, the perfect intersection at the financial level! I would like to repeat this sentence: “Because of Defi’s de-centralization, the real world and the blockchain world, the perfect intersection at the financial level!” “It’s like having the Internet 20 years ago, “ Mr. Ma said. “The business of the future is done online, so that everyone can shop online over the Internet, so that the world has no hard-to-buy things, no hard-to-do business.” Essentially, the de-centralized financial system has built this bridge across mountains and seas, allowing our wealth to be distributed through The New Generation’s financial system, Defi. I want to make it very clear here that the greatest significance and value of our Pofid is to build all the infrastructure they need for different ecosystems in the de-centralized financial sector. Both institutions and individuals can turn on their own ecological models through Pofid, allowing real businesses around them to find de-centralized ports. If you do not catch up with the reform and opening up of the sea business, but also missed the rapid development of Internet finance, today we must recognize this new generation of financial system set up a blockchain world, join THE POFID. Unlike previous ideas, we are either buyers or sellers, producers or consumers.

Today we should be a participant, we should be a builder. Create your own personal wealth system, build the family’s real-world wealth and blockchain of the financial system, complete a series of actions from wealth creation to wealth inheritance.

Looking at the current world financial system, we all understand that there are traditional financial models, Internet financial models and blockchain decentralized financial models.

Looking at the current world financial system, we all understand that there are traditional financial models, Internet financial models and blockchain decentralized financial models. Let’s simply take a look at the merits of different financial models. Traditional financial business model: is a highly centralization of the ruling tools, with a strict regulatory system, complex audit and operation process, so that savings, investment, lending, management and other financial activities into high- cost, inefficient things. Not only small investors but also large business circles, chambers of commerce, trade associations are difficult to enter, and the need for unconditional cooperation with all requirements, the same bear the legal and moral risks. As Jack Ma says, Basel’s traditional bunk thinking ends up costing a lot of time at the flow level and breeding a lot of middle -of-the-road gray industrial chains. On the other hand, the modern financial system, which has been in place since the 1980s, after more than three decades of precipitation, is indeed irreplaceable in terms of system stability. The security and stability of society and the country are highly guaranteed.

Nearly a decade of vigorous development of the Internet financial business model, is relying on big data and cloud computing in the open Internet platform formed, a functional financial industry and its service system, to put it completely, is to make the financial Internet. The biggest problem with connected finance is that it can’t protect customer privacy, not only, but it’s also a tool of production. Whether to form an industry monopoly depends on the regulatory level of policy control and law enforcement efforts, the use of ABS repeated arbitrage, but also greatly increased the risk of traditional financial back pot. Our optimistic side, Internet finance, vigorously develop universal finance, so that investors at all levels of the ability to quickly invest and finance become stronger, this is an indisputable fact, so all walks of life to join The Internet finance into their own production and sales system. From the above two financial models, we find their own advantages and disadvantages, can there be centralized advantages, try to avoid shortcomings of the solution? A person who is friendly, easy to operate, and at the same time has the right to protect his or her privacy.

Defi, the de-centric financial platform model in blockchain, will be the best solution for future institutions and individuals to develop their ecology. If you do not know, I give you an example, I gave Tencent today with 1000 yuan, of which 200 yuan bought Tencent video membership recharge card, 200 yuan to QQ concert goers top-up green crown, 200 yuan for king glory recharge gold coins, 200 yuan used in QQ space to buy gold for skin, 200 yuan to buy Tencent conference membership points, which is called annual card, green crown, gold coin or membership title. We are actually using real assets to buy a token obtained, is a non-traditional financial consumption mode, participated in the Tencent system in the points exchange platform.

The difference between him and the centered finance is only two points, 1, Tencent is a central enterprise, how to calculate the value of each item, he decided; When we get back to Defi’s world, we can find de-centralized products and make any of these value-for-money investments. You can participate in mortgage lending, liquidity mining, investment insurance, art heterogeneity asset collections. As long as you go into the process of de-centralizing finance, whether you own any kind of token, equity, option, or insurance in the ecology, you are a participating investor, even if it is just a de-centralized game, you have entered the flow of information outside of entertainment, and all your operational instructions have become part of building the world. When we’re on a platform strong enough like Pofid, we’re on the most promising track, and it’s bound to take us a step faster in time to accumulate wealth.

Through what we have just said, we have come to understand the value of blockchain and the important role of the centralization. Let’s talk about the POFID DAO project. POFID DAO is the world’s first privacy-protected anonymous Defi project and the only Infrastructure Platform with privacy-protected Defi. First of all, what we’re going to say is, why does DeFi need privacy protection? (Just as China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia and even Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries, on the one hand, in the heavy gold to promote the exploration and development of blockchain technology, on the other hand, regulatory policies at all levels seriously lag behind the vast number of investors to apply the growing demand) because blockchain transparency is both a wealth, but also a sweet burden. So true financial universality is hard to come by. POFID provides a solution that combines with distributed networks to take advantage of blockchain technology while adapting to growing regulatory requirements around the world.

Second, we’re talking about cross-chaining. De-centralized pledge positions are the core smart contracts of POFID DAO, which are responsible for the custody of collateral. By pledgeing digital assets, you borrow anonymous stable coins that anchor multiple currencies, also known as industry stable currencies. You can borrow an anchor dollar SOSD by mortgageing SERO, or you can borrow an anchor to the euro’s SESD. In addition to SERO, you can mortgage any digital asset approved by the POFID platform, such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.

Finally, this DAO of POFID DAO. DAO is a distributed community self-government organization, so what does community autonomy need autonomy for? POFID DAO includes underlying technical governance, de-centralized pledge bond management, wind control governance, liquidation governance and so on. POFID DAO’s platform token PFID, that is, a kind of income voucher, is also the threshold of governance rights, is also a kind of global common asset by default of the platform. It can be said that the holders of PFID control the operation of the system. The back of the air class, will be around the above said a few points, more in-depth explanation.

We’re not short tonight, and I want to say that all the knowledge and ideas we share are designed to give you a basic understanding of blockchain and prove that you’re on the right track when you don’t know, don’t understand, and have doubts. You can search the Internet to understand the problem, you can communicate with friends around you, you can also consult with the head of our North American market. In the end, it is only if we can reach a consensus that it makes real sense to you, because only consensus can make us part of this new world. Thanks to the yearning for democratic freedom, we can reach a consensus on the pursuit of a better life in the United States, a consensus on legal gun ownership because of our determination to protect our families and property, and a consensus on the pursuit of wealth, and today we can come together here and open the door to wealth. Thank you for listening and looking forward to our next air class. Good night!